Are you needing to take online orders, or looking to create a way for your customers to have the option for home delivery?

Consider This

With the current COVID-19 situation in the world, grocery stores are unable to keep shelves full. People will soon have a stronger need to look elsewhere for their food. Which means people are going to rely on local farmers more than ever. This is a huge opportunity for farmers!

So What Can You Do?

Boost Production

With more people relying on you, you’ll need to think about tighter spacing in the field, expanding your operation, and implementing food safety procedures, if you haven’t already. It’s time to plant more!

Get online/Update Your Shop

If you are already online, now is a great time to revisit your website and double check that everything is in order for the upcoming season. Does your site need an update? Are you happy with what you have?

Home Delivery

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking to reduce human-to-human contact. Home delivery is a great solution that benefits both parties. Make sure to toss in a pamphlet on how to properly wash their produce!

How Spidrbyte Can Help

Things might be more than a little crazy right now, but that’s the perfect time for people to help each other. Take it from a fellow market gardener, the time to reach out and help each other is now.

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Online Farm Store

You need total control over your entire website. From the look, to the function of A-Z, we can give you tips on how to get going. Not only that, but once you get set up, we’ll help you get more sales online than ever before.

Home Delivery Options

What is out there that you could use to start offering home delivery? We’ll help you by showing you a few options out there before making a decision.

Who We Are

Ryan Minton


About Us

Ryan comes from a farming background, and was a market gardener for many years before noticing the demand for farmers to get an online presence. In the first year of having his local delivery site, online sales accounted for over 40% of sales for the farm.

With times being uncertain, you might be a bit hesitant to start any new projects. It’s understandable, and natural. But keep in mind, everyone has to eat. And there is only 1% of the population in the US that farms.

The local food movement has gained popularity for many reasons, and Spidrbyte Web Services believes that it will only grow from here.

An Example Site

This site offers home delivery, and many ways to make your plate colorful and healthy.

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Lynn B. - Previously advised

“Spyderbyte helped get my sales up 6.5xs in 2 months (Nov/Dec) using social media w/o spending a dime on FB. Jan/ Feb is bad for retail, & we did 2.5xs better than 2019 and 4xs better than 2018. He’s is AWESOME!”